Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prince of Cups

March 21st

General Meaning:

My story:

The Fool

March 21st

My story:
This card came up when questioning the situation in a family of an aquaintance who recently came across long lost relative. They seemed to realize that situation was more complicated than they could ever have thought, that they were accepting a stranger into their home and that they don't really know this person and should not take the whole situation lightly.

Why did this person suddenly decided to come back into their life? What made them do that and what were their intentions? it might seem simple at the first glance, but I think they are in for a surprise...
Another situation when this card came up was when a person expected somthing would be simple and had no idea that things were much more complicated than they expected. A lot mo0re work is required than originally expected. Things are not always what the appear to be at first.

General Meaning:
A trusting individual who takes a leap of faith thinking things will be "all good", only to find that things are much more complicated than originally anticipated. taking a jump into the void or unknown circumstances.


March 21st - April 19th

General Meaning:
This card represents some kind of legal matter. Can signify either getting or giving justice. It can also ask you to see the truth of the situation or come to aknowledge the state of your own feelings. Is your heart heavy or light? Have you been living in accordance with your own rules or rules of others? Do you feel joy of your own life?

My Story:

Ace of Cups

march 21st - June 21st

General Meaning:

The world around us seems to open and encourage us to take chances with new feelings. This card can also represent lighthearted emotions, excitement for something new that can lead to fulfillment, satisfaction and joy. Time of great hope and great love.

My story:

Feeling or being in love. Feeling like you can take over the world because the feeling and experiencing romantic love makes you strong

Sunday, March 18, 2012

4 of Wands

March 18th

General Meaning:
Planning for an event, time for initiating or drafting a plan for some important future activity. Traditionally this card means celebration and coming of age.

My story:
To me this card represents end of winter and early spring, when the early flowers and grass are not yet peeking through but the snow is ready to melt. The earth is warming in anticipation, still waiting for action. So in the reading it might mean that you or someone is waiting for some sort of action, for something to happen and even though nothing has happened yet, it is coming very soon.

One time I pulled this card when it was time for my son was about to start daycare for the first time in his life. It was an exciting and happy time to see my son grow and learn and to gain more independence from us, but at the same time filled with concern and worry. How will he adjust? How will we adjust?
Even though I was nervous, I knew that starting daycare will be one of the best things ever for our little one, and even though the whole thing was pretty nerve wrecking, I was planning on having a little celebration the weekend before and the weekend after his first day.
Another time I pulled this card when some relatives were planning on coming for a visit and even though they were not there yet, the tickets were purchased and suitcases were ready for packing.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2 of Wands

March 11th

General Meaning:
passageway between inner and outer worlds, between external and internal. This card is twelling you that the ideas you have been gestating are nearly ready to manifest. the pause at the gateway before stepping forward into the new reality.

My story::

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Princess of Wands

March 3rd

General Meaning:
Singnals a time to get in touch with your prepubescent self. Remember who you wanted to be before fertility kicked in. Discovery of hidden talents.The joy of trying something new without the ego's fear of failure. This is a powerful card of sticking to your own plans and doing something you have always wanted to do without any guild holding you back from unbridled selfish fun.

My story:: Usually when this car comes up, there is waiting of some sort involved.