Friday, July 29, 2011

King of Coins

July 29th

My story:
It's a person who refuses to see life from different perspective, someone who is unable to see the obvious, and as a result takes themselves further from what they want, instead of taking themselves closer to their wish fullfillment.

This person has been burned in the past and became obsessed with security to the point that it makes them seem crazy. They have been either deprived of love and compassion and thus getting to the point that they demand it from all, or they have had so much of it, they forget to stop and appreciate all that was given to them.

For me, personally, this card has came up more than once in a reading for this one person who is very stubborn and refuses to see other people's viewpoint and as a result pushes peple away and creates conflict. His beliefs are damaging to himself and others but no amount of evidence seems to prove it to him. It is too important for him to be right, more important then having normal relationship with others. His way or the highway is his motto.

General Meaning:
A man who sees life from his own perspective, often setting his sights on long term gains. His need for security leaves him boxed in at times, and narrows his view. He has either come from money and has no understanding or sympathy for the poor, or has come from a place of want, which has damaged him and made him obsessive about wealth. His intuitive judgement of human nature is not too good, so he uses a set of prescribed criteria to judge who he will associate or do business with.

Friday, July 22, 2011

6 of Coins

July 22nd

My story:

General Meaning:
Represents a gift of some sort, either an act of giving or receiving. The little girl on the card could represent the gift of a child or the gift of future fertility, there are different kind of gifts. This card is a great card to get, becuase it means there is a gift of some kind on the way or just received.

One of those 'someday" moments is finally about to arrive.

The Star

July 22nd - August 22nd

My story:
From my experience this card means that you will be able to accomplish what you wanted but in a slightly different manner than you have originally planned. Prepare to get creative. Artificial over natural. If you let natural circumstances to take their course, nothign will happen, you will need to take action yourself.

General Meaning:
Need to be careful because someone is trying to destroy you out if jealousy or simply because your current happiness does not serve their needs.

The story of the card is that god Set got jealous of the happiness Isis and Osiris had and he decided to destroy Osiris. So he invited him to a party and ticked him into getting into the box which later was embedded into a tree. Isis searched for Osiris and when she found the tree, she re-membered Osiris out of the ashes from that tree and used it to conceive a child.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 of Coins

July 14th

My story:
Doing something or thinking about something or someone the same way your parents do. Taking on your ancestors' views and habits.
General Meaning:
Inheritance or legacy. can represent monetary bequest, an object or property that is inherited. Can also represent family genetics that are passed on from generation to generation, physical traits, positive or negative

Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 of Coins

July 7th

My story:
When dealing with health and well-being, usually refers to vision

General Meaning:
A person who is learning or trying out something new. Apprentice. The desire to change jobs or go back to school to learn a skill. It also suggests some exciting hobbies. Represents joy and excitement of creating.